Tattoos as self expression

self expression

A personality develops at a very young age. What we will become is the result of the seeds sown between ages 0 to 7. This is the age when a child is the most impressionable. Psychologists recommend maximum exposure during this period. The child’s mind is like a sponge and absorbs the maximum during this period. Children have been known to speak several languages just because of being exposed to those languages during the early developing years. Without realizing it, children absorb from their surroundings. Not just what they see and hear at home but also what they see in school, at the playground and through social interaction.


The twenties are an age of expressing what has been absorbed during the formative years. What has been seen, heard and imbibed. Expression is an important aspect of the late teens and the early twenties. An expression of self is important and what better way to express than to tattoo it for all to see. For the twenty something tattoos are pretty common. Self expression combined with current social groups can result in quite a few strange and different tattoos. A lot follow the crowd but every social group has it’s trend setters who believe what they think they are and their right to express it to the world. These self proclaimed acts of uniqueness may not seem that great during the more mature years and a number of people find that they no longer relate to what they perceived themselves as during their “hey days”. Tattoos are more or less permanent imprints on the body.


What seemed trendy at twenty may not be what you want to flaunt at forty and even thirty. If the tattoo has been made with permanent ink it may not be what you want to live with for the rest of the adult life. Self expression may change and what was appealing during the youth may seem far less glamorous at a more mature age.


Does this mean that our act of expression at a young age is what we live with through our later years? Not really. Technology has developed by leaps and bounds. It is not so difficult to remove a tattoo even if it were a permanent tattoo. What you require is effort from your side. Time, patience and the the strength to deal with a little pain. The result is worth it. Laser technology helps remove a permanent tattoo especially if it is a blue or black tattoo. Green and yellow tattoos are not so easy to remove completely. They can look faded but may not completely go. Melbourne Tatt Removal uses the MedLite C6 Q-Switched Laser – considered to be the gold standard laser for tattoo removal. Combined with the Zimmer Chiller handpiece it provides good results with minimal pain. MedLite C6’s PhotoAcoustic effect, a combination of high power and nanosecond pulse widths, disperses peak energy throughout the layers of the epidermis faster than the normal relaxation time of the tissue. The result is a safe, effective way to deliver energy precisely where it is needed.

Funky Signage



Communication is a vital aspect of any marketing effort. With more and more competition it is getting difficult for marketers to grab the attention of consumers. With advertisements leaping out from cars, buses and staring at us through laptops and TV screens it is not easy for marketers to constantly innovate and come up with something different. Signage is a popular way of getting the message across.

Signboards are placed everywhere and are helpful for people to find information. There are different materials used in making sign age. With the number of options available you can be extremely creative in the way you use signage to promote your message.

Use neon signs instead of fluorescent signs. A neon sign uses a tube that produces a self emitted light. This tube comes in various diameters and can use argon or neon gas – hence the name neon.  Neon gas is really bright and gives a red glow while argon light is weak and usually comes in yellow, blue, green, white shades. The fluorescent light on the other hand has low pressure mercury vapour.This emits ultraviolet light when ionized. This light is yellow as the tube in which the light radiates has a coating of phosphor. So think funky lighting instead of regular fluorescent lighting.

Go digital  instead of the boring constant billboard. Digital signage offers visual appeal and easy readability. The bright, crystal-clear quality of the image on the digital screen is by itself as an attention grabber and reduces the requirement to add pictures – sometimes  a simple text is enough to get the attention required. In addition external sensors and brightness controls can adjust the display according to time of day, weather conditions, and other environmental conditions.

Digital allows you to be interactive. The signage allows provides multitouch and dry-erase capabilities for users. The finger-touch interactive and dry-erase features allow users to annotate freely over their shared content. Dry erase screens allow wireless content sharing across multiple devices.

Go green. “Green” is the buzzword these days. Use green signage to state your commitment to the environment and be different from others.  A trap with Environmental Signage is the end result can often look pretty plain as it is mostly seen as a purely informational or directional tool. Companies like momo visual have a knack for making the ordinary directional sign look extraordinary.



There are certainly plenty of options available to upgrade something bland into something that compliments the working space. It can be as simple as being open to materials, altering shape or incorporating company branding and colour schemes. Signage using funky fonts is another attention grabber. Using lighting, fonts on wood panels or just digital all create a different impact.Signage using stencil pictures also gets the attention.

Signage is everywhere. Think differently and you will find signage can be used creatively to communicate effectively.